WUSSIFICATION: NYT Whines About How Our Bad-Ass SEAL Team 6 Kills Terrorists

Published on June 7, 2015

I think the world is a little better without Osama bin Laden thanks to SEAL Team Six, but that’s just me.

The elite SEAL Team Six fighting force which killed Osama bin Laden has warped into an unaccountable organization which has engaged in ‘excessive’ and ‘indiscriminate’ killing, according to a new account of the secretive unit.

Former servicemen from the legendary Navy unit said that the unit has veered off course in recent years and become engaged in bloody all-out combat in Afghanistan against low-level militants and ‘street thugs’ – rather than the targeted anti-terrorist raids for which it is famed.

The revelations came in an extensive account of Team Six’s origins and evolution in the New York Times, which interviewed at least a dozen experts and former SEALs for an inside track on the secretive branch of the military.

Among the accusations are:

  • Claims that a British general confronted the unit over alleged indiscriminate killing of civilians in Helmand province
  • Afghan claims that eight schoolboys were slaughter in a 2009 raid on the village of Gazi Khan in Kunar Province
  • A former SEAL officer saying endless missions amounted to ‘killing fests’
  • A member of the unit being accused of mutilating a militant’s body after a raid
  • SEALs engaging in hand-to-hand combat using customized Tomahawk axes

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