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RACE-FAKER’S PROVOCATIVE PICS: She Sure Looks White To This White Boy

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How anyone else not question this white girl’s whiteness before her parents came out with the truth?

As she takes part in a day of TV interviews in New York, it’s clear that Rachel Dolezal is not shy in front of the camera – and these newly-surfaced photographs reveal that has long been the case.

The images, taken in Washington state in September 2012, show the civil rights activist posing on top of rocks as she flashes a pierced bellybutton beneath a short crocheted top.

In another set of photos, she leans towards the camera in a floor-length purple gown while displaying her knee-length, blonde braids.

The striking look is a far cry from the freckled-faced photos of Dolezal as a fair-skinned child, which her parents released last week as they revealed she is white, not black as she has long claimed.

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