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SENATOR SHELDON WHITEHOUSE: Climate Change Skeptics? Treat ‘Em Like the Mafia!

by Les Weaver
Clash Daily Contributor

On 06/04/15 I read where Sen Sheldon Whitehouse (D -RI) wants to prosecute those that are skeptics of Global Warming under RICO.  RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) laws have been used to bring down Mafia bosses and other organized crime leaders.  Even though the defendants may not have committed a crime themselves, the RICO Act allowed prosecutors to go after them.

When I first read of this proposal, my anger began to soar.  Both of my Senators; R. Wyden (D) and J. Merkley (D) are bright “green” senators and not only brag about it but also support any “green” legislation that comes before them.

As example, they have sponsored the wind generators in the Columbia River gorge and east beyond, this in one of the most productive hydro-electric areas of the nation.  The Columbia River and its tributaries are unequaled as a source of electrical power for the entire West.  A result is that those wind turbines are not producing for large periods of the year because of excess water but do require millions in tax-payers dollars for year-round maintenance. Now there is a growing rumor that these two Senators are among many in congress that wish to sponsor solar generating centers in both eastern WA and OR.  (I wonder if the contractors will also sponsor the re-election of these senators and representatives.) Suddenly SOLYNDRA comes to mind.

In response to the announcement I telephoned the offices of both Wyden and Merkley and requested that they advise me of where I can put my name on the list of skeptics.  I advised them that I could likely encourage many others to do the same and by that effort, save the government the cost and difficulty of rounding us up for persecution under RICO and this Marxist government.  

I suggested the option that Wyden and Merkley publicly stand up to their peer, this neo-Marxist, Sen Whitehouse.  A more useful option would be to open a RICO investigation into the Clinton Foundation.  That way, these “progressive” senators would have more support.

When I didn’t receive an answer, I called back.  I had to leave message on Wyden’s system but “Scott” on Merkley’s did take my call.  First, he advised that: “the Senator is so busy that his office does not reply to phone calls”.  Golly Gee.  My experience is that he also doesn’t reply to email comments that do not agree with his neo-Marxist philosophy.  In fact, I have written often enough that “Scott” knew who I was.

As reply, I am emailing this to the official sites of both of my Senators and my Congressional Rep. also a “green (D) freak”.  In addition I am emailing it far and wide with the encouragement that it is forwarded by all.  If you don’t stand up to this threat, you have cowered away your freedom.


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