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SEXUALLY FRUSTRATED: Randy And Dorky Muslim Men Join ISIS To Get Laid

Not only do they need jobs to stay out of ISIS, now they also need to be getting laid.

A new documentary airing in the United Kingdom called “Exposure: Jihad” is putting a new twist on the reasons young men join ISIS, alleging many are simply the products of too-strict parents, sexually frustrated and seeking the love and concern they didn’t find at home.

Filmmaker Deeyah Khan spent two years interviewing dozens of convicted terrorists and former radical Islamists, finding what she said was a common theme in the reasons for their reach-outs to ISIS and other terror groups: A formidable father figure.

“Nine times out of ten, look to the dad and you’re going to find he did something, beat them,” said said, in an interview with the Daily Beast. “I would blame the fathers absolutely.”

Khan also highlighted in her film what she suggested was the trap of young Muslims living in the West with their sexual urges, where their parents’ strict views stand in direct conflict to a more permissive society.

“There’s a real sense of hate that you have, that I can’t do that,” said one film subject, Alyas Karmani, a former Islamist, the Daily Beast reported. “And that’s why I find a greater sense of sexual dysfunction sometimes in Muslim communities. You know, I was talking to my wife … and I said, ‘This is all about sex, everything all comes back to sex.’ And she said, ‘Oh, you can’t say that.’ But that’s it. These guys just want girls, that’s all they want.”

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