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TED NUGENT: Says Make-A-Wish is ‘Worse Than Cancer’ for Denying Kids Wishes for Hunting Trips

Ted Nugent is calling out the Make-A-Wish Foundation, for not granting the wishes of kids who want to go hunting, because of political correctness.

Adam was just 15 years old and was fighting the battle of his young life. Like way too many youngsters in the world, stricken with the dreaded disease of cancer, he showed courage beyond measure as he trooped like a warrior through his agonizing chemo and radiation treatments.

Losing his hair, bloated, suffering and weakened to the point where he could barely walk, he knew deep down inside that all the powerful love and positive daily gush of encouragement from family, friends and doctors was a façade and that the inevitable end was near.

Adam was a hunter, a fisherman and a gungho outdoorsman, so before his time was up he wanted one more hunt to take with him to the big spirit campfire in the sky.

In my estimation, there is only one disease worse than cancer, and that would be the self-inflicted curse of political correctness. And if you want to know just how soulless, mindless and heartless those that have chosen this curse can be, I give you the Make A Wish Foundation, which denies dying children’s last wish for legal hunting trips.

Isn’t that special.

To think that the insanity of the animal-rights and anti-hunting freaks have actually tainted this otherwise wonderful charity is an indictment on our society as a whole.

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Posted by Ted Nugent on Sunday, June 7, 2015

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