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WATER PARK KISSES ISLAMIC @SS: Hosts Muslim-Only Days with Extremist Linked Group

I’m guessing it will be pretty hard to go down the water slides dressed in a burqa.

A British theme park is the latest organisation to offer segregated events in an attempt to be culturally sensitive towards its Muslim visitors. Water World, in Stoke-on-Trent, in Britain’s West Midlands region, is hosting “sisters only” and “brothers only” events, demanding visitors wear “Islamically appropriate” attire.

The water-park – which claims to attract nearly half a million visitors a year – is believed to have hosted dozens of events over the past few years, with “Islamic Fundays” as well as fundraising events for Gaza charities dating back as far as 2009.  The park even goes so far as to claim that female “guards” will keep men out of the venue for the day.

Water World’s website reads: “Our sisters only event is an event restricted to female gender only and boys up to the age of 4 years old. All rides and attractions are open as normal. Clothing during this event must be both culturally and islamically appropriate for the event. There is a designated prayer area located in the reception area. All windows are blacked out with only female staff/lifeguards on duty throughout the night, Female staff will guard the front entrance to make sure that no males enter the facility.”

Read more: Breitbart

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