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WHITE COP VS. BLACK CHICK IN BIKINI: Separating Facts from BS in the McKinney, Texas Story

With a new video out of McKinney, Texas for the Race Baiters to endlessly play on loop, here are some of the facts and fiction of what actually happened, along with a new interview that was posted on YouTube.

Research by Breitbart Texas into the people who threw the pool party and a new interview posted on YouTube with a young woman named Tatiana who uses the Twitter handle @KeefCakezadds adds more data points for anyone trying to separate fact from fiction in the developing narrative.

Here are some pictures from Tatiana’s Instagram:

2015-06-08_01-17-53 2015-06-08_03-36-53

In the video, Tatiana also claims that a 14-year-old white girl named Grace came to her defense when the verbal altercation began and then Grace was also verbally attacked by the older people.

Grace’s Twitter profile background shows a photo of the girl with her hands up and facing the camera with “Don’t Shoot” written on her palms, a reference to the now-debunked claim about the shooting death of Michael Brown that led to the Ferguson riots.

A number of teens from McKinney who were either at the party or knew people there were keeping close tabs on developing story; some with violent bravado. On Twitter, a friend of Tatiana’s said

Its a good thing my mom didn’t let me go to that party, if I would have went and “ANYBODY” lay hands on fam @KeefCakez @KeefGoddess I would be in jail or shot dead. Don’t fw Chicago Blood

Tatiana’s entrepreneurship has come under attack from critics on the internet, some of whom got basic facts wrong. There were rumors circulating on social media that @KeefCakez had charged money for the McKinney even but there’s no evidence of that.

Another internet rumor claimed Tatiana was planning another ‘pool party’ in Plano on June 18th that she was charging money for, but that claim seems false.

Read more: Breitbart

Here are several Facebook updates from residents who say that they were present:




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