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WHITE DUDE: Comes Out Of The Closet As A BLACK MAN!

He immediately gets asked if he hates cops…

In an apparent move to satirize former U.S. Olympic champion Bruce Jenner’s transition from male to female, a caller to a national radio program came out on the air Wednesday as a black person trapped in a white man’s body.

“I’m a little nervous ’cause I’ve never come out of the closet in any way before,” said 38-year-old Steve from Chillicothe, Missouri, on the Rush Limbaugh program.

“But I wanted you to know, be the first to know and your audience to know that I am actually an African-American. I’ve been an African-American my entire life. It’s been bottled up inside me, and as of today, I’m no longer going to be Caucasian.”

Wondering how long Steve had been trapped in his “prison,” Limbaugh asked: “How old were you when you first learned that you weren’t really white?”

When Steve said “about 10,” Limbaugh then asked: “Ten years old, you knew you weren’t white, even though you were. You weren’t white, you knew you were African-American or black. So you’ve lived 28 years in a prison, right?  You haven’t been able to be who you are?”

“Right, said Steve. “It’s been horrible ’cause every day I wake up and I know I’m black and everyone around me is white and I’m living here in flyover country and everybody in my small town is basically white.”

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