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WOMAN TAKES ON FIVE THUGS: Now Has One Piece of Advice for Women – And We Love It

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This woman, who is also a cancer survivor, was definitely not a victim – and she doesn’t want any woman to be.

DETROIT (WJBK) –Three years ago, criminals broke into Dietta Gueye’s house and right after the break-in, the cancer survivor got her concealed license. It came in handy Tuesday morning.

She was in bed when five men burst through her windows at 2:30 a.m. But they didn’t know that Dietta was locked and loaded and not afraid to start firing.

Dietta got her CPL three years ago when her house was robbed. After hearing the men come in, she grabbed her gun and started firing.

“Imagine being woke up out of your sleep with somebody (holding) a gun in your face,” she told FOX 2’s Amy Lange. “My first reaction was survival. My first thought was shoot.”

She said they avoided the backyard, where the dogs were kept and climbed through using a crate to get into the front window. She couldn’t see, and said that they had taken he light bulb from the front porch.

Dietta says more power to her. Specifically, more firepower to all woman forced to defend themselves.

“I just want to encourage a lot of women to get their CPL,” Dietta said. “And don’t be scared if you’ve got to protect yourself and your life. Do not be scared.”

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