A FILTHY PILE OF … America Moves Toward Becoming a Brave, New Third World

Written by Chuck Gruenwald on July 11, 2015

Last Monday evening, I stopped at a nearby library after work. This library, in addition to being in an affluent suburb of Chicago, had opened about five years ago, so it still has that new library smell. However, on this particular visit, there before me in a men’s restroom waited a nauseating sight that I had heard stories of: a pile of used toilet paper that was erected next to a toilet.

The legend of Mount Charmin has been traced to Central and South America, in countries where the weak plumbing cannot process toilet paper. Therefore, the “stationary” and, uh, everything else, are disposed of separately.

Before I continue, there are people, such as pro-illegal immigration Republicans, Democrats, and special interest types who will deliberately distort the opinions and words of people such as me, in an attempt to portray us as being anti-immigration in response to our opposition to illegal immigration. Despite this disclaimer, those who exploit unprotected borders and illegal immigrants in the name of personal, political, and business reasons will continue their mischaracterizations.

A pile of used toilet paper on a restroom floor is a nasty monument to a primitive mentality that ignores both proper health practices and the abilities of modern plumbing. While the offender is ultimately guilty for the finished product, the execution of this project is nothing more than a team-building exercise involving the offender, politicians, business leaders, and community organizers/activists. Those politicians, business leaders, and community organizers/activists selfishly allow citizens of other countries to not only enter the United States illegally, but to also enter unprepared.

Is one person’s ignorance of restroom etiquette a sign of the impending destruction of American customs and culture within the United States? No. However, the forces that made it possible are.

Here in Illinois, the dangers of illegal immigration were exposed in a horrific manner (this Chicago Tribune column fails to state that the offending truck driver spoke little English, or his immigration status) under the watch of retired career politician and convicted felon, George Ryan. The decision to issue drivers licenses in exchange for campaign contributions was an obvious indication that to some elected leaders, political survival superseded public safety.

Over the last two weeks, businessman and Republican presidential primary candidate Donald Trump has been the target of criticism from those who have displayed an indifferent or protective attitude toward illegal immigration. From people who assume an offensive posture against anyone who suggests reinforcing the United States’ southern border and enforcing existing immigration laws, to Fox News Channel commentator Charles Krauthammer, who referred to Mr. Trump as a “rodeo clown,” the words of Mr. Trump have been distorted to create the perception that he is anti-immigrant and anti-Mexico.

With a persona that borrows the self-promotion skills of Vince McMahon, and use of the English language that is reminiscent of Morton Downey Junior, Donald Trump has publicized a subject that American citizens have wanted politicians to address, but those politicians and their handlers choose to ignore.

When Mr. Trump made his opinions about illegal immigration known, the most vocal criticism came from behind his right shoulder.

Mr. Krauthammer has the gift of criticizing political opponents on the left with humor and unmistakable proficiency. Unfortunately, that professional level of criticism was replaced with name-calling and the distortion of Mr. Trump’s words. Such behavior on the part of Mr. Krauthammer was reminiscent of his open disapproval of Christine O’Donnell’s winning her Republican Senatorial primary race in 2010.

The impending decline of the United States into a third-world cesspool is much bigger than illegal immigration. The decline of the United States is rooted in the decision to reclassify the rule of law as nothing more than a list of suggestions.

If a President and/or governors decide that they have the power to selectively follow or ignore laws, if Congress and/or state legislatures ignore financial realities by engaging in seemingly-unlimited spending, and if courts assume the law-writing duties of the legislative branches at the state and local levels, then the first-world United States is governed by the type of third-world governments that both legal and illegal immigrants choose to leave.

When American politicians send troops to fight wars overseas in the name of protecting the sovereignty of the United States, but those same politicians refuse to reinforce and protect the borders of the United States, thus creating a deliberate hole in our national security, what level of trust should we place with those elected officials?

When state and local officials expect police officers to protect the citizens under their watch, yet ultimately place the lives of those police officers and citizens in unnecessary danger by protecting foreign criminals who are in the United States illegally, keep in mind that today’s local politicians are tomorrow’s federal bureaucrats and politicians.

While Republicans insist that the breakdown of immigration law enforcement is the result of Democrats who need voters, it is hard to not notice that the loudest critics of Donald Trump’s decision to publicize the dangers of illegal immigration were Republicans.

Because of the bi-partisan “unprotected borders” policy, I now have to worry about the safety of not only my family and my friends’ families as a result of government-protected criminals who should not have been allowed into the United States, but I also worry about friends who are police officers, since they are the people who have to confront the consequences of the decisions of politicians to hold new voters and cheap labor in higher regard than their oaths of office.

The primary elections will soon arrive, with the general elections shortly afterward. Every election is the most important election in the history of the United States, since every election is an opportunity to either build upon the success of past politicians, or fix their damage.

A nation that chooses to self-destruct in the name of self-serving interests will not disappoint. Therefore, the 2016 election cannot afford the complacent, arrogant politicians that were either elected or reelected in 2014. A ballot containing the names of candidates who hold no regard for their oaths of office is worth no more than a pile of used toilet paper that had been ignorantly discarded on a restroom floor.

Image: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Amish_outhouse.jpg

Born in Chicago and raised in northwest suburban Cook County, Chuck Gruenwald developed an unfavorable opinion of machine politics quite early in life. In addition to cars, electronics, law enforcement, and politics, Chuck enjoys writing, and is also a horse racing fan. He has recently written op-eds for uncommonshow.com