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ANN COULTER: Destroys Geraldo On Illegals, ‘You’re Not That Stupid’

Ann Coulter drop kicks Geraldo with the truth about illegal immigrants and crime in America on Hannity. Enjoy.

Rivera jumped in and said that cities with high numbers of illegal immigrants, such as New York and Los Angeles, are experiencing a drop in crime.

“Compare that to cities like Baltimore and Detroit and Cleveland and the other post-industrial cities where there is a spike in terrible crime where you should be obsessing over violence instead of singling out this population and ginning up this false fear,” he said.

“Look, you’re talking about a correlation, not a causation. You’re not that stupid, Geraldo!” Coulter shot back. “Yes, crime goes down for a lot of reasons. Crime went down in New York because of Giuliani and Bloomberg policies, and now it’s going back up.”

She added, “You’ve got to stop talking about this as if we’re talking about Americans attacking Hispanics. No, we are talking about immigrants.”

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