Written by Noreen O'Brien on July 19, 2015

When I heard there was a shooting in Tennessee. My first thought wasn’t, “Oh no, why?” or “Dear God, I hope they’re OK.” These are and would be appropriate responses. But in today’s hell in a hand basket, liberal nightmare of a world we find ourselves, my first thought was black or Muslim shooter? And how many reasons can we find other than the truth to blame the shooting on?

So this time it was a Muslim, and a little 24 year old maggot to boot. A maggot playing the religious version of the “knock out game” it’s just that Islam plays for keeps. A maggot who had to get his jihad points in before the end of Ramadan. I guess if you kill an infidel during the holy days Satan — ooops I mean Allah — gives you an extra virgin or white grape as some translations go.

Of course this was the same story as the last Muslim shooting, and until someone smartens up will be just like the next Muslim shooting. Unarmed and defenseless, just like the Left likes us, our Marines were gunned down. And the usual pundits with their usual guests asked the usual questions skirting around the truth as usual.

The problem wasn’t that the soldiers were unarmed, – although that’s stupid — or that the kid was radicalized or that he traveled to Jordan or his dad was on some watch list. The point is that Islam is evil, period!

The problem is that no-one, not one of our “leaders”, is saying this. This tragedy will die down soon enough as soon as the next tragedy happens. Oh, wait! There’s already been another tragedy, or maybe you haven’t heard?

During the past month of Ramadan, a holy month, Isis executed over 3,000 including 86 women and 74 children.

Isis has a particular and sick interest in children. When they’re not raping or marrying them they force them into military training and cage fighting.

In Sudan an estimated 13,000 children are being forced to fight. Others as young as 8 and not so lucky are being raped and murdered, thrown into burning buildings, castrated and left to bleed to death or tied together and have their throats cut.

During the holy month, Isis crucified two mentally challenged children for refusing to fast; normally they would use these children as suicide bombers, but I guess they needed to set an example. Children, by the way, are not required to fast.

In Pakistan a ten year old boy was tortured with a stick for refusing to do construction work on a mosque. The boy was beaten unconscious by a cleric, a holy man. Not long before this a Christian boy was beaten, doused with kerosene, and set on fire. He died a few days later. So far no-one has been arrested or detained for these crimes.

A group of Muslim homosexuals — of course they don’t consider themselves homosexuals — kidnapped a three year old boy in Afghanistan, brutally raped and then murdered him. His name was Yunus.

The greatest irony is that the Tennessee murderer, not the radicalized or extremist murderer, but the Islamic murderer and his sister complained about anti-Muslim sentiments. Apparently she was upset that we, the infidels, couldn’t get it through our stupid infidel heads that Islam is a peaceful religion. The sister was upset that a professor told her he would lower her grade if she missed a class for a religious holiday. She dropped the class. Oh, and then in another example of blatant Muslim hatred, a referee at a volleyball game told her she couldn’t play in her headscarf. Well, now we know why her brother killed the Marines.

The real truth is that we Americans, at least those of us who have our eyes open, are being used. We’re forced to accept this type of incident by people who make deals with Iran while they shout “death to America” in the streets. What’s a few American lives in the greater scheme of things, which is to make this a third world country complete with a tin pot dictator and a first lady who has no idea where the founding fathers were born.

Our government has long ago stopped working for us and our interests and works only for theirs, left and right. Our only hope is to stop importing scum like the Tennessee murderer Mohammed and his family, deport them all, and arm ourselves.

Noreen O'Brien
Noreen O'Brien is a college grad. with a degree in psychology. Noreen worked for years with troubled teens and their families until the revolving door of liberalism made success for these families impossible. She grew up on cape cod Ma., Sweden, France and England and now makes Maine her home.