ANTI-GUN HBO STAR: ‘The NRA Defends Gun Rights Atop A Pile of Dead Citizens’

Published on July 25, 2015

What ‘Veep’ star, Timothy Simons, just said about the NRA will make you see red.

On July 24, the day after John Russell Houser allegedly carried a gun into a Lafayette theater and killed two people, “Veep” star Timothy Simons posted a tweet which suggested the NRA was culpable and that they defend gun rights “atop the pile of dead citizens.”

Simons wrote: “I hope the NRA can hear the rapturous thanks for defending our rights from atop the pile of dead citizens for which they are responsible.”

This followed a July 23 tweet in which Simons wrote: “We have put the rights of people to carry guns ahead of the rights of people (and children) to live. We have the country we deserve.”

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