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BLACK DUDES TRASH DC STORE: Cops Ignored Call for 3 Days (WATCH)

Here’s something you won’t hear about in the mainstream media.

WASHINGTON – It was caught on camera — a dangerous duo struck a Park View convenience store. But this was far from your typical stick up. There was no gun — just fury — enough to turn the store upside down. And the store’s cashier is just thankful to be alive after the close encounter.

It all reportedly started when a customer asked to buy cigars. That purchase requires picture identification, but as it turns out, the customer turned suspect did not want to hand one over.

What happened next could have been worse, but it was enough to rattle the worker behind the window.

“I don’t know what they wanted,” said Esays Woldemesektl. “I think they were drinking too much alcohol and they smoked something. I don’t know.”

The two men tore apart the 77 Market convenience store after Woldemesktl refused to sell them cigars.

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