BUSTED: Watch Military Vet Catch Wife Cheating On Him

Published on July 31, 2015

This is not your typical feel-good homecoming video. What this military vet caught his wife doing when he gets home is nothing but shocking.

Via Bro Bible – The “Just The Tip, of the Spear 26- The Reckoning” Facebook, a page “about veterans and active duty military having a place to be themselves. You know act like dicks and look at boobs and stuff,” posted the above video. The video had the following caption:

So, something interesting came across our inbox tonight. A guy came home and caught his wife with Jody. The plot twist? The guy is a veteran, and his wife and “Jody” are active duty, in the same unit. Whoops. – JTTOTS Dept of “Jody” is lucky he’s alive.

For those not in the know, “Jody” is a term used in the military for a guy who bangs someone else’s wife.

The man storms into the house, disregards his young daughter who is happy to see him, and walks into an upstairs bathroom. That’s where he finds his wife naked sitting on the toilet and an unnamed man making out with her. Definitely the most memorable of homecomings that I’ve ever written about. Sorry dude hate to burst your bubble, but your chick is definitely in love with her Jody if she’s taking a dump and French-kissing him at the same time. (Bro Bible)