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COURT BARS RELEASE OF PLANNED PARENTHOOD FOOTAGE: Read Statement From Group Behind The Shocking Videos

Planned Parenthood must really be terrified of what’s to come. When the only way Americans can see the truth is through investigative journalism like this, and it ends up being banned, you have to wonder just how full of BS the mainstream media is.

The Los Angeles Superior Court ruled Tuesday that the Center for Medical Progress is prohibited from releasing footage taken at a restaurant in May of high-ranking officials from StemExpress.

Here’s the full statement:

StemExpress, a for-profit company partnered with over 30 abortion clinics, including Planned Parenthood, to harvest and sell aborted baby parts and provide a “financial benefit” to Planned Parenthood clinics, is attempting to use meritless litigation to cover-up this illegal baby parts trade, suppress free speech, and silence the citizen press reporting on issues of burning concern to the American public. They are not succeeding—their initial petition was rejected by the court, and their second petition was eviscerated to a narrow and contingent order about an alleged recording pending CMP’s opportunity to respond. The Center for Medical Progress follows all applicable laws in the course of our investigative journalism work and will contest all attempts from Planned Parenthood and their allies to silence our First Amendment rights and suppress investigative journalism.

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