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DISTORTING MARRIAGE: Consequences of Screwing with a Divine Metaphor

There are days I would prefer to be back in Iraq taking mortars and rockets every three to five days, smoking cigars to remove the smell of the perpetually burning waste dump, and using a dry tooth brush to remove the blowing sand and grit from my teeth. Step into my living room a moment and you will understand why. One of my sons says he is Gay. He is a superb actor, artist, and musician. He confessed Jesus at an early age and we home schooled him up to high school. My wife and I have no clue where this comes from. An equally talented and home schooled, until high school, daughter supports him vigorously, to the point of turning her Facebook profile picture into a Rainbow over her picture. This is in spite of the fact that she is happily married to an awesome young man. Another daughter is a Godly mother, wife, and amazing woman, married to an awesome, faith filled man. Another son is in a leadership internship, learning how to manage his own Buckle store, someday. In other words, in spite of home schooling these beautiful kids, darkening the church doors every time they opened, and spending years in AWANA, the national civil war over homosexuality is in my living room.

Beginning at this grass roots level, I looked at the ten foot high wall dividing us and knocked it down to the knee high middle wall of separation (King Solomon’s Temple). I told our son, and daughter who supports him, that we will agree to disagree but we will have respectful dialog across this wall. We set a mutually equitable arrangement so that we can talk respectfully on this and other issues. In other words, we defined a boundary of respect as opposed to permitting a wall of sarcasm and dividing rhetoric to divide and destroy our family.

Stepping up to the national level and the decision of the Supremes, last week, the surface appearance of the Supreme Court decision was that it sprang from a need to drive respect and dignity for LGBT couples. That need drove the creation of the LGBT constituency but this was about something far more sinister. Scalia’s 12 quotes from his dissent summed up a lot of things. He said a majority of nine unelected people in black robes stole this dialog from the people, deeming the people unable to govern themselves. Institutionalizing this sinful behavior terminated a vibrant, national dialog, denying the majority votes of citizens in 31 states who voted to define marriage as one man and one woman. That was a mouthful and is certainly discussed in greater detail elsewhere, but I want to step out several years to view potential impacts.

Institutionalization of homosexuality, in combination with overturning the will of voters for the sake of the LGBT constituency, will empower and “tool up” those seeking to remake our nation under a new law and a new morality. The people celebrating this event do not see the other side. Personally, I do not believe we will have a civil war over abortion, LGBT institutionalization, or any of a half dozen progressive driven agendas. Civil War will come when regulation and elements of force drive these things into our living rooms, take down home schools, destroying businesses and jobs, and hammering the North American Church.
Speaking with a 17 year veteran and deputy-detective from our local Sheriffs Department, he expressed the angst of his generation of police, deputies, Army, and National Guard men and women. Their personal feelings range from ambivalent to angry but all of them form the element of force that will be used to enforce, prosecute, arrest, and suppress. Think of it. Whether or not a policeman, deputy, or soldier agree with the institutionalization of LGBT, being sent to force, regulate, and even intrude into American living rooms will deeply divide those elements of force. In my discussion with the deputy / detective from our local Sheriffs department, I asked him how those departments nationwide would respond. He said it would be utter chaos because they already increasingly do not enforce federal regulations that violate the 2nd Amendment.

Next, I asked him how many Ruby Ridges and Wacos would happen before the response turned violent. The Detective pressed his lips together, shook his head, and said, “As pissed as people out here in flyover country are, not many. Guys like me will be in the crossfire, probably forced to choose sides.”

I wrote in other columns about violence springing from one tenth of one percent of any given movement. John Piper stated last week that the Supremes gave evil exactly what it wants – More of the tools it needs to sift the American Church. In that sifting, those who remain faithful will mostly pursue the tactics of the Civil Rights movement with peaceful engagement. The problem will be the one tenth of one percent. If Christ believers are sifted down to a remnant of 30 million, that one tenth of one percent will be equivalent to about two divisions of infantry. Add the 2nd Amendment crowd as gun control and weapons confiscation follow in the wake of last Friday’s decision, and that is a lot of people. In turn, they will take most of their action into asymmetric realms. Think bombs, assassination, hacking, data base spoofing… One tenth of one percent of the disenfranchised is enough smart, capable people to take down the economy and force the government into well protected gilded cages. A month into no Walmart trucks restocking stores in the cities, the conflagration will make Baltimore and Ferguson look like Peacenik style Woodstock conventions.

Back to the civil war in my living room. Two of my kids use a lot of rhetoric from supposed Christian Circles that justify homosexuality and “true love”. On the parental side of things, we tried walking through good hermeneutics and translation of Hebrew and Greek words but their emotional decisions defy logic and reasoning. Finally, my response focuses on three things. First, they were letting creatures (a majority of nine unelected people in black robes) determine truth and sin as opposed to the Creator. Second, God commands his children to be fruitful and multiply. Hard to do in LGBT relationships. Third and most important, Institutionalizing Gay marriage is screwing with God’s metaphor of His son as the Groom and the Church as the son’s Bride. Man and woman in marriage relationship are a love metaphor that points at salvation. In homosexual marriage, love focuses on the creature, not the Creator.

For my wife of 32 years, we are discovering that “True Love” is not validated in the Supremes’ decision. True love is continuing to love our son, no matter what, and preparing for the whirl wind of consequences. It is also doing all we can to keep our family whole, using our lives and marriage to demonstrate a winsome and lovely savior we pray that our son someday returns to.



Clearchus is the author of three Science Fiction books: Sunigin, Insurgio and Certo (Available at Amazon) about the next Texas Revolution. He is a retired Army Field Artilleryman who was one of the last men in the U.S. Army to command an M110 8" Howitzer firing battery. He currently designs computer networks for commercial, non-profit, and government environments. Married for 32 years to the most gorgeous babe he knows, he and his wife have four kids. Their lives and perspectives straddle military assignments, combat tours, and mission trips across Europe, Asia, and the Horn of Africa.

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