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‘DONALD TRUMP ACT’: Dems Ticked After New Act To Defund Sanctuary Cities Passes House

Notice how Democrats get their panties in a bunch when Republicans try to pass legislation after a tragedy happens. Isn’t that their own strategy with gun control?

Democrats in both the House and Senate – during Congressional hearings Thursday – referenced GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump, attempting to take jabs at the GOP frontrunner.

During the House debate over the bill – “Enforce the Law for Sanctuary Cities Act” – Rep. Tony Cardenas (D-CA) took a swipe at Trump.

“Donald Trump is trying to get to the White House, but it looks like he’s already infiltrated Congress,” said Cardenas. “This bill on the floor of this House today has Donald Trump written all over it.”

The Act would essentially block sanctuary cities, which refuse to enforce federal immigration law, from receiving federal funding.

The measure passed the House with large Republican support in a final 241-179 vote. Six Democrats joined the Republican majority.

“Democrats have pejoratively labeled the legislation ‘The Donald Trump Act,’ tying the proposal to the volatile presidential candidate and his controversial remarks about Mexican immigrants,” ABC News reported.

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