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ERODING LIBERTY: First the American Flag Is Banned; What’s Next?

On July 4th 2015, in an apartment complex in Western North Carolina, a veteran was told to take down his American flag, by the management of the property where he lives.

He refused to do so.

The same apartment complex has a clause in its lease, that one cannot display the American flag, even though the tenant takes temporary ownership of said property until the contract has expired.

In order to rent an apartment or renew a lease, American citizens are told that they have no right to display their flag. According to the booklet that outlines tenant rights and laws,, tenants are required to “comply with any and all obligations imposed upon the tenant according to current building and housing codes.”

Has the North Carolina building and housing codes presumed to prohibit the display of the American flag? It is doubtful.

In addition, the book states that it is the landlord’s duty to “keep all common areas and facilities in a safe condition.”

Is it unsafe to display an American flag? Again, it is doubtful that such is the case.

The apartment complex is faced by a management company for third party investors. Are these investors so rich as to be able to dictate the rights of American citizens?

Has it come to the point that those who chose, or are forced through circumstances to be a tenant, are to have their personal liberties dictated by such landlords?

Do the wishes and desires of said landowners supersede the Constitution?

How has it come to the day when the American flag is offensive in its own country?

Perhaps, the real reason the banks made irresponsible loans to ANYONE AND EVERYONE for homes that they couldn’t possibly ever pay for was to collapse the very cornerstone of the American Dream and the Middle Class!

Home ownership is the beginning of real wealth and assets. It is the very thing that has built the Middle Class in this country. The ability to leave whatever status one was born to and aspire to move up the socio-economic ladder is one of the attractions of immigrants to the United States. It is the dream that shines in the eyes of those who hope for better.

When the real estate and banking system collapsed, there were few jobs and people were losing their homes. It is very possible that this was the real plan, to pull the average American over a housing barrel, so to speak, to begin to strip them, not only of their basis for any real wealth, but their fundamental, constitutionally granted civil rights and their dignity.

It has begun as a small drip, but like water, rights can be eroded bit by bit. If average Americans are not vigilant and fiercely protective of their rights, they will be washed away.

Was the tenant justified in his refusal to remove his flag according to his rights? Yes, he was!

Americans will have to begin to stand up to the forces that wish to change America from what she always been, to what they, a small, vocal and wealthy minority would like her to be!!!!


Candace Hardin

Candace Hardin resides in Atlanta, Georgia. She is fluent in Spanish and a student of Latin and history. She is a columnist on and has a blog, Originally from North Carolina, her writing and beliefs have been heavily influenced by the Appalachian culture and tradition.

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