Published on July 30, 2015

You won’t believe this crap. How about the feds worry about the murders that went down in Benghazi?

He was already the most hated man in America for killing Cecil the lion and now Dr. Walter Palmer is fast on his way to becoming one of the most wanted.

The Minnesota dentist has not been seen since he was identified as the killer of Africa’s most famous lion and now the US Fish and Wildlife Service has begun its own hunt for the elusive Dr. Palmer after announcing it has opened an investigation into him.

The federal agency confirmed it has not spoken to him since he was identified as Cecil’s killer on Tuesday and demanded the reviled hunter pick up the phone and contact them as a matter of urgency.

Indeed, since he was catapulted to global notoriety, married father-of-two Dr. Palmer has not been seen at his Minneapolis home and closed his Bloomington surgery at which he is the sole practitioner.

It is a question the Fish and Wildlife Service would very much like answered and soon, as it emerged they were investigating whether the killing of Cecil was part of a conspiracy to violate a U.S. law against illegal wildlife trading.

The service said they are investigating the hunt under the Lacey Act, a U.S. law that bars trading in wildlife that has been illegally killed, transported or sold.

Fish and Wildlife Service director Dan Ashe took to Twitter on Thursday and called the slaughter tragic and said his agency will ‘go where facts lead’ in its investigation. 

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