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GAY LIAR: Claimed Someone Carved Anti-Gay Slur Into His Arms & Poured Bleach Down His Throat

Expect more things like this to happen.

A pizzeria owner from Utah who reported someone beat him and carved a homophobic slur into his arm staged the attacks, authorities revealed Tuesday.

Millard County Sheriff Robert Dekker said Rick Jones, 21, could face charges after officers investigating the series of reported attacks found inconsistencies in the evidence.

The Delta man eventually admitted to faking the harassment, Dekker said.

Attorney Brett Tolman, who represents Jones, said the reports were not a hoax but rather a cry for help initially directed toward people close to him, and Jones didn’t realize how much attention they would get.

‘I think it’s such good evidence of the difficulties members of the gay community deal with, and some make better choices than others,’ Tolman said.

Jones has since begun mental health treatment, the lawyer said.

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