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GAYSTAPO: St. Patrick’s Day Parade Chairman Ousted from Post for Anti-Gay Stance

This is just the beginning. Forward this to anyone who believed the lie, “Gay marriage will have no effect on you.” Only four days after the SCOTUS ruling, John Dunleavy, who was the chairman of the NYC St. Patricks Day Parade for 22 years, has been ousted for not allowing gay groups in the annual march.

St. Patrick’s Day Parade chairman John Dunleavy has been ousted after 22 years following a decades-long dispute over the inclusion of gay groups at the annual march down Fifth Ave., according to a report.

The decision, made Tuesday afternoon following a meeting involving the parade’s board, comes just four days after the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage across the United States.

But Dunleavy, the 78-year-old Irish-American lead organizer of the country’s biggest St. Pat’s celebration, had long withstood the tides of change, even as his homeland voted in May to legalize gay unions. Only one gay group, employees at NBC Universal, was allowed in this year’s parade after advertisers and politicians alike boycotted the march for the blatant discrimination. It was the first time in the parade’s 254-year history such a group was allowed in.

Read more: NY Daily News

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