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GLENN BECK: ‘Don’t Tell Me To Start Calling Bruce Jenner A Woman’

Glenn Beck chooses to not give in to the fairy tales of the Left by calling Bruce Jenner a woman.

Controversial radio host Glenn Beck has launched an attack on Caitlyn Jenner, saying: ‘Don’t tell me to start calling him a woman’.

The 51-year-old declared he would not want to be Miss Jenner because ‘people are going to say nasty things about him because he’s a dude’.

He also refused to call the star a woman – and repeatedly referred to her as ‘Bruce’.

Beck’s comments are in sharp contrast to the wave of public support for Miss Jenner, which has included messages from President Obama and dozens of celebrities.

Her transition has been broadly seen as a watershed moment in how transgender people are viewed by the public.

But speaking at FreedomFest, a libertarian conference in Las Vegas, Beck said: ‘I don’t want to be Bruce Jenner. I cannot imagine what his life is like.’

‘I feel bad for Bruce Jenner…because people are going to say nasty things about him, because he is a dude. I’m not going to judge him…but don’t tell me I have to start calling him a woman’.

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