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HARD TRUTH: Liberty That Made ‘America the Beautiful’ Is Being Eroded Away

by Les Weaver
Clash Daily contributor

We acknowledge Carolyn Kiesz, co-editor/co-publisher  of the Palouse Patriot with her husband in Moscow, ID ( ).  I subscribe to and continue to contribute to their periodic, limited distribution, opinion publication. “The purpose of the Palouse Patriot is NOT to tell people WHAT TO THINK.  The purpose is to CAUSE people TO THINK for themselves.” An article in their June 2015 edition (#148)  stimulated this writing.  We have attempted to condense yet not plagiarize Carolyn but nevertheless credit her for this entire guest contribution to ClashDaily.

This family matriarch, (my wife) was born into 1936 Germany, later to fall under the East German rule of the USSR.  Though a child, she vividly recalls the propaganda of those times and was witness to how the populace fell under the spell of that which today we often refer to and honor in the song   “America the Beautiful”, (Sweet Land of Liberty).   The liberty that our founders prayed that they were giving us is being rapidly eroded.   

As Carolyn wrote: “when those songs were written they were probably accurate . . . however, by the 50’s our government had drifted very far away from what the song-writers envisioned, until there was little truth left to the words we sang. The America of that song is not what our Country has actually become.

To again quote Carolyn; “Do you understand that our Country, since WWII, has propped up nearly every vile, atrocious dictator world-wide?”  Here we are confronted with what Carolyn calls “Cognitive Dissonance; a mental conflict that occurs when beliefs or assumptions are contradicted by new information . . .   We must follow the TRUTH wherever it leads us! Sometimes it leads us to a place that is difficult to accept, BUT we must rise above the cognitive dissonance and when we find the TRUTH we must acknowledge it, even if it destroys our core beliefs.”

Carolyn finishes; “I hope the little bits of truth we share stimulate you to THINK that maybe what you have always thought or believed could be wrong, or that what you have always ‘known to be true’ might need to be reconsidered.

Here are a couple of questions for you:

Do you really believe America is still the land of truth and liberty, as outlined in our Founding Documents?

And are you willing to dig deep to find the truth, or are you content to go merrily on your way believing in a Utopian America concocted by some very shrewd propagandists?”

Recently the phrase “political buyer’s remorse” comes to mind.  In addition is awareness of citizen divide through propaganda.  Additionally is the exposure that our history is being re-written and with “progressive” opinion, being indoctrinated into our school children.  Some college faculty promotes near hate toward this country and the divide between races, gender, etc. grows.  And with each growth in politically stimulated division, laws are passed to further place the “Sweet Land of Liberty” as forgotten ancient history.  

Yes, Goebbels would be pleased.    


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