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I BELIEVE IN WE THE PEOPLE! My Government Fears Me

by Les Weaver
Clash Daily Contributor

My thoughts keep reverting back to April 7, 2009. This was when the newly appointed Secretary of Homeland Security, on behalf of a President then seated less than 12 weeks, developed a secret ten page report. That report was distributed to all law enforcement agencies across the nation and provides details to profile “potential Domestic Terrorists. Then just this last week, it was exposed that this Administration has advanced their claim to fear what they profile as “Anti-government Extremists” more than Islamic Terrorists. I claim that: if our government was not fast becoming the largest criminal conspiratorial enterprise on the planet…they would have NOTHING to fear from “We the People” that they were elected to serve!

I have drawn from these two incidents over the past six years and underlined each item that now profiles this devoted, citizen as a potential domestic terrorist that all levels of this government should fear. Note that each emphasized item stands alone as a governments stated reason to fear me and millions of others? Could it be that the Government fears the people because the people are awakening to realize that the government can no longer be trusted?

I begin this by profiling myself by stating that I’m damned mad at my government that it is attempting to demonize selected citizens just as the Nazis demonized the Jews. This government that condemns profiling by TSA or the police is profiling me and others like me. I am a God-fearing Christian, conservative, veteran that believes in the Constitution as written, not as spun. I peacefully exercise my right to express myself under the first Amendment. And to aid the reader, the term you may be searching for is “polemic” which is not a crime…..yet. (Look it up) It is apparent that individual opinion is becoming the weapon that the politicians fear most, the reason the 1st Amendment is under attack in the District of Corruption.

I do not condemn the rights of others to disagree or have a different stand on some issues but I continue with more “negative profiling” by this government. I do not support abortion except in rare instances nor same sex marriage. I promote States Rights and a smaller Federal Government. As a veteran of the Korean conflict, I do not like Communism. My wife is naturalized citizen that came through the front door but I am strongly anti-illegal alien. In light of the Muslim Terrorists intent to destroy America and the cruelty of that religion, with reservation, I am anti-Muslim. I consider Re-distribution of assets ant-American. I firmly believe in voter I.D. as crucial to honest elections. I believe the tax system is totally unfair and outdated. At my home I proudly display the Gadsden flag beside the Stars & Stripes. I am a “birther” that sincerely believes that Obama is not even a citizen of the United States, a usurper.

I could go on but suddenly I pose the question to the reader; “Do you have the same government unacceptable opinion or trait on one or more of the issues that demonize me?” (Like any crime, guilty once or more of a crime, you are a felon) If so and you haven’t taken up arms or exercised your opinion by destruction, should you be classified as a threat to the United States? Unfortunately for both you and me the answer is; YES! Then we are both classified as “Potential Domestic Terrorists”.

But the true threat is that you and I do not fall on our knees before the politicians. We continue to believe that they work for “We the People” and by speaking out, we are expressing the right to our own thoughts. That is the threat we present and why we must be demonized. I charge that the majority of politicians are terrified that this country will return to being a Republic under the Constitution and equally applied fair laws where no one rules as an emperor!


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