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I DON’T KNOW WHAT’S MORE DANGEROUS: Lion Hunting Or The Anti-Hunters

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The anti-hunters often explode into hateful and emotional arguments with no facts whenever they decide to troll on someone’s hunt – with the hunt itself actually doing so much more to conserve these animals than these thick-skulled nuts could ever understand. When Regis Giles, of, went on a lion safari in Africa this summer and posted her pictures to social media, you could expect that the trolls were in full force. Check it out…

by Regis Giles, Girls Just Wanna Have Guns

This summer I had the great opportunity to successfully hunt a lioness in the Kalahari with Shaun Keeny Safari’s. Being on the same ground with this beast that was built to kill was intimidating, to say the least. The feeling I had pumping through my body is hard to describe, but at that moment I didn’t feel like I was at the top of the food chain. Especially when the trackers realized she was circling us!

When we finally got eyes on her, things went fast, because she had eyes on us too. I was shooting my 9.3×74 double rifle. No scope, no problem. At about 40 yards away, I squeezed the trigger and it was done. Just like every hunter wants for their prey, it was a clean kill and everyone walked away with their throats still intact.

Being the huntress that I am, I posted photos of the safari for my fellow hunting friends to enjoy on my social media. That is when the anti-hunting zombies came out.

All lines were crossed with these guys and, ironically, were calling for me to be killed, because they can’t understand hunting.

For all young hunters and parents of young hunters, you are forewarned. This is what the backlash of the crazy, uninformed and emotionally driven tree-huggers looks like.


Keep going to see the anti-hunting backlash…

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