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MALIA OBAMA: Is On The Set Of Sex-Saturated Show… Good Job, Barack

Malia Obama has been spotted on the set of Lena Dunham’s show, Girls, which is notoriously known for its sex scenes and feminist views.

Her father’s time in the White House is nearing an end, but Malia Obama’s career in Hollywood seems to be just getting off the ground.

Malia was spotted on the set of Girls on Thursday and reportedly has landed a summer internship with Lena Dunham’s critically-acclaimed HBO show, TMZ revealed.

The soon-to-be 17-year-old, whose birthday is on Saturday, was seen at the Aurora Ristorante in Brooklyn, Complex reported.

This is the second showbiz gig Malia can add to her growing resume.

Last summer the teenager worked as a production assistant for Halle Berry’s CBS show Extant, where she could be seen fetching coffee for the cast in Los Angeles and helping block the public from entering scenes during shooting, TMZ reported.

Michelle Obama has publicly spoken about her eldest daughter’s desire to get into movies.

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