MARINE POSTS ASS-KICKIN’ RANT: To Closing Blinds At Recruiting Stations

Published on July 26, 2015

When did America become so pussified that our own soldiers are being told to close the blinds in recruiting centers and not wear uniforms in public in their own homeland? This Marine goes to town on the morons pushing for this. Check it out…


In response to the recommendations, McCall posted on Facebook, “To the higher powers that be: You have suggested we Marines NOT wear our uniforms to recruiting stations for “our own protection”. Let me make myself clear. If I’m not going to hide in Afghanistan during a war, why in the hell would I EVER hide in my own country?”

The day us Marines run and hide from our enemies will be the day this country falls,” he continued. “We won’t EVER let that happen. We WILL continue to wear our uniform with pride.”

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He then added that his words, along with his Marine brother Ben Reynolds’ words “combin(ed) with the actions of many, will restore hope.”

H/T Allen West


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