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MISS TEXAS: Gives An Unabashedly Pro-Capitalism Answer During Q&A And We Love It

Miss Texas just made liberal heads explode with her answer to a question during the Miss USA pageant.

Miss Texas Ylianna Guerra, one of the contestants in Sunday’s Miss USA pageant, just publicly came out as pro-America and an unashamed supporter of the free market.

During the pageant, Guerra was asked about the wealth of CEOs in the United States and whether the government should “impose boundaries on salaries of executives.” Her questioner also pointed out that CEOs earned “around 300 times as much as the average worker salary” in 2014.

Miss Texas responded, “If you work hard enough, you can attain anything. This is the land of opportunity and CEOs — I believe they work hard enough for their money, so I believe they should be able to attain whatever it is they’re working for.”

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