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OBAMA CUTS 40K TROOPS: While Michelle Drops $600k On This Crap

The Obamas really know what’s best for America…not.

Michelle Obama has given a touch-up to the White House State Dining Room, the latest interior design change that will endure long after she leaves the building at a cost of $595,000.

Her modest changes to the room where many dinners and other events are held follow this year’s more dramatic remake of the Old Family Dining Room and the unveiling of the Obama china service.

The change, which has been years in the making, comes just months after head florist Laura Dowling quit her post and was escorted from the building by security. reported that Dowling had been pushed out by ‘jealous’ rivals from her post.

Sources close to Dowling suggested she was upset at having to leave and blamed her demise on the intense rivalry that exists within the small coterie of decorators and designers that serve the White House.

‘She is very sad about leaving the White House,’ said one source on condition of anonymity.

‘She was very proud to work there and this has come as a shock. It’s all about jealousy – Laura has not put a foot wrong.

‘She was very hardworking and she has always been professional and passionate about her work. She and her husband have said they can’t talk about it now.

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