PC POLICE: Demand Kid Rock Denounce Confederate Flag – What Should He Tell Them?

Published on July 9, 2015

No one is safe from the thought police anymore – let’s see how Kid Rock responds to this one.

Unsatisfied with the removal of the Confederate flag from public places, stores and TV shows, activists are now calling for musician Kid Rock to stop using the banner at concerts.

The outspoken and politically incorrect artist was born and raised in and around Detroit, MI, but his love for southern rock and culture has included the use of the rebel flag at shows over the years.

While it isn’t clear the last time Kid used one of the flags during a performance, members of a Detroit-based civil rights group are demanding the singer denounce the Army of Northern Virginia battle flag, and are asking the Detroit Historical Museum to remove his name from an exhibit he funded if he doesn’t.

According to the Detroit Free Press, a dozen or so members of the Michigan Chapter of the National Action Network held a protest Monday in front of the museum, where there are no Confederate flags, to target an exhibit that bears Kid Rock’s name.

Rev. Charles Williams II, the president of NAN’s Michigan Chapter and a pastor at a local church said, “the hometown hero who is a zero with the Confederate flag.”

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