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SCHOOLED: Liberal Site Learns This After Investigating ‘Moms Packing Heat’

Liberal website, Jezebel, decided to do an investigation on a pro-gun Mom group on Facebook – and what they found shocked them, as facts typically do to liberals.

Liberal website Jezebel published an “investigation of mothers packing heat” on Monday and seemingly discovered that women gun owners “defy stereotypes of age, geographical location, race and, yes, even political affiliation.”

The “investigation” focused mostly on the Facebook group Sheepdog Mama, a community for pro-gun moms that currently has nearly 5,000 members. Instead of explosive debate on the divisive issue of guns, the page features thousands of mothers who are concerned with mostly one thing: protecting their families.

Here are just a few of the personal stories cited:

Andrea Forte was at work when she received the call that her child’s school was on lockdown. Someone had threatened to “kill all of the children” in her four-year-old daughter’s classroom.

“I couldn’t protect my child… I was powerless and had to let it play out however it happened,” said Forte, a 31-year-old mother of two. The threat was unrealized, but Forte decided then to carry a firearm whenever she could. On school grounds, where firearms are prohibited, she carries a stun gun and pepper spray.

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