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SECRET SERVICE EXPERT: Goes Off On Hillary; It’s Brutal… You’ll Love It

This secret service agent just blasted Hillary and you’re gong to love what he just said.

Hillary Clinton‘s marriage with her husband is a ‘total fake’ and is just for the benefit of her Presidential campaign, an expert on the Secret Service has claimed.

Robert Kessler said that Mrs and Mrs Clinton have entered into a ‘business relationship’ to further their careers.

He also claimed that Mrs Clinton, the leading Democratic Presidential candidate, has disdain for ordinary people and treats those beneath her with ‘contempt’.

Mr Kessler is a US author and investigative journalist who has written extensively on the Secret Service.

Earlier this year in his latest book he claimed that Mr Clinton has a blonde mistress who his security detail nicknamed ‘Energizer’.

In an interview Mr Kessler turned his fire on the Clintons’ marriage.

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