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TRASHING AMERICAN DISSENT: An Obama Administration Pattern

by Les Weaver
Clash Daily Contributor

Recently, I watched FOX news during O’Rielly’s scathing monolog.  I am not one of his hardcore fans and don’t always agree with him or his views.  Though I am not in lock-step with him, I have found that he is generally more balanced than his competitors on cable news in this same west coast time frame.

In his monolog, ( he threw down the gauntlet before those that trash this country and particularly as a “racist nation”. At 81 years of age, I have seen wonderful improvements in race relations in this country including the election of a black president.  Electing Obama could not have happened just a century ago nor even 6 ½ years ago without white support.  That election alone should be seen as a massive improvement in race relations. Note how many black top leaders have been appointed and/or elected in power positions of government from city council to the White House.  I contend that this also deserves accolades for this country’s race relations improvements. To the nay-sayers, compare the United States to any other country on the planet and if you disagree, move to that country.

Race relations in this nation improved until Obama was sworn in.  Then the division between citizens took on a whole new direction.  Since that event, the White House has promoted and covertly sponsored separation and hate between: Races; Political preferences; Income levels; Education; Faiths; Sexual preference; Civilian vs Military; Citizens vs Police; Government vs populace: and the list goes on and continues to grow.

Shortly after Obama’s cabinet was seated and the progressive liberals were seated in the House and Senate, the disparagements began.  Anyone that disagreed with any issue was overtly labeled as one or more of: a racist (even when the issue was not race); un-American; domestic terrorist; hate monger; the un-informed; not normal; mentally deranged; divisive and more.  (Here I note that these were excuses used by Nazi Germany to purge dissidents during the 1930s.)

And now there begins promotion of restitution to all black citizens and non-citizens alike.  Many that are demanding payment from White to Black have no ancestors that were slaves and this includes the president whose ancestors were in fact slave traders in Africa. Moves are afoot to destroy our history instead of learning by it and appreciating the wonderful changes and improvements that have been made.

We now witness growing trends to punish anyone that does not agree with this administration. Depending on which government “tool” is determined to be most effective, the wrath and power is brought down upon any adversary to this White House and its cronies. EPA, DOJ, OSHA, IRS, BLM, DHS, VA, DOD, and the rest of government alphabet soup have become weapons wielded against any dissident.  (Look up this term and accept that under the Constitution peaceful dissention is not just approved, it is encouraged). From Bundy to Gibson Guitar and beyond, this Administration’s tyrannical application is growing. Although the government may be proven wrong, by using the resource, they bankrupt and destroy anyone that disagrees with them. 

A government that was begun to be a servant and friend of the people is fast becoming the tyrannical ruler over the people.  In support of O’Reilly’s statements, I join him in pushing back against those that seemingly wish to destroy this nation.

Because I push back, I am not without the realization that I could become the victim of a politician’s wrath.  More and more we read where innocent citizens become middle of the night victims of a “no-knock” break-in by federal and local officials under the accusation that a complaint has been alleged that you are guilty of some felonious activity.  They cuff or shoot you, trash your home, confiscate your possessions and may or may not arrest & book you.  Then you must cough up your resources to prove innocence and when found innocent of the false charges, it matters not.  You may permanently lose your confiscated property, are out defense money, your reputation is destroyed and you alone stand responsible to repair your trashed home.   After the dust settles, you know that the entire episode was contrived punishment for your not “falling in line” and you are left with no recourse for recovery. 

I charge that this is the Obama America that has been sown by this administration to now become a fast growing seedling.


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