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SAN FRANCISCO’S DEMOCRATIC VOTERS: Are to Blame for Kate Steinle’s Death

This is a story about the voters who helped murder an innocent 32 year old woman. I’m talking about the young woman murdered on a pier in San Francisco last week. You might think I left out the politicians and the illegal immigrant/felon who pulled the trigger. No. There will always be criminals and corrupt politicians. We can’t change that. What we can change is the way voters keep corrupt politicians in office and keep criminals on the street to kill. Lazy voters sacrificed an innocent young woman. Let’s start with the facts.

Francisco Sanchez murdered Kate Steinle. Francisco Sanchez was an illegal immigrant. He’d been deported five times. The San Francisco Police said they wanted Sanchez, but the SFPD refused to return Sanchez to the immigration authorities. I don’t blame the police. The cops did as they were told. I don’t even blame the corrupt San Francisco politicians who pandered to the Hispanics and sweat shop employers. We will always have corrupt politicians and businessmen. Today I blame the San Francisco Democrat voters who keep their sanctuary city policy in place. They killed Kate Steinle. Those guilty voters are not alone.

The INS turned Sanchez over to the San Francisco police even though the INS knew that Sanchez would be released back onto the street by the SF police. Again, the INS is simply obeying the orders of its political masters in the Obama administration. I don’t even blame President Obama for his pandering to the Hispanics and Main Street for open borders. I blame the Democrat voters who put Obama into office and keep the open borders policy in place. Those voters killed Kate Steinle.

Francisco Sanchez was a drug user and convicted felon. He’d been convicted of felony crimes seven times. California used to incarcerate repeat criminals, but that takes money. California politicians stay in office by getting their name in the paper and spreading tax money to their special interests. Politicians are too busy staying in office to do the business of the people. Once the special interests are done, there is always too little money to fund police, courts, prisons and prison guards.

I don’t blame the judges who released Sanchez over and over. I don’t blame the special interests who rape the taxpayer and pay kickbacks to politicians. I blame the lazy voters who tolerate corruption and returned corrupt state politicians to office year after year. Those lazy voters killed Kate Steinle.

It is trivially easy for self-serving politicians to blame the murder weapon. The media will nod sympathetically and ignore that it was already against the law for an illegal immigrant felon to have any firearm. The news media has long ignored the failure of gun prohibition despite our 23 thousand gun laws.

Kate Steinle was shot in a gun free zone…in a gun-free city…in an anti-gun state. She was murdered in the middle of a tourist attraction where out of state visitors are disarmed by California gun laws. She was murdered in gun-free San Franciscans where city residents are never licensed to go armed. Steinle was shot to death in an anti-gun state who routinely denies the right of self-defense for honest citizens. The murderer broke all of these overlapping gun prohibitions…yet the politicians will call for more gun-laws after Steinle’s death.

I don’t blame the shallow news media. I blame the viewers who keep this excuse of a media on the air.

I don’t blame the pandering politicians. The politicians are simply looking for an excuse to enlarge the state and collect more anti-gun campaign contributions. I blame the voters who elected these politicians. Shame on you.

The business of politics is to concentrate benefits and distribute costs. The business of TV viewers is to learn enough to judge the media and reject shallow reporting. It is the voters business to supervise their politicians and throw these California politicians out of office. The voter’s responsibility doesn’t end there. Many bureaucrats and politicians need to lose their jobs.. or we will have more victims like Kate Steinle. You don’t believe me?

The White House blamed Steinle’s murder on Republicans in the legislature.

Rob Morse

Rob Morse works and writes in Southwest Louisiana. He writes at Ammoland, at his Slowfacts blog, and here at Clash Daily. Rob co-hosts the Polite Society Podcast, and hosts the Self-Defense Gun Stories Podcast each week.

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