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News Clash


Donald Trump is ticked…really ticked. Check out this rant where he lashes out at Nanny Bloomberg for estimating the Trump’s wealth very incorrectly.

Donald Trump is mad as hell at Bloomberg News for a report on Monday that estimated his wealth at a puny $2.9 billion – not the $10 billion he says he’s worth.

‘I’m worth MUCH more than $10 billion,’ a confident Trump told on Wednesday in his Manhattan office.

‘They did it on purpose,’ the Republican presidential candidate said of Tuesday’s Bloomberg story. ‘I think they’re a disgrace. And the next time I see Michael [Bloomberg] I’m not going to be so nice.’

Bloomberg News founder Michael Bloomberg amassed his own billions through the computer terminals that gave stock traders real-time information about markets during the ticker-tape era.

‘I’m surprised at Michael,’ he said Wednesday. ‘I like Michael so much. But Bloomberg has treated me more dishonestly than probably any other outlet.

‘If they’re as inaccurate with their other financial reporting as they are on my kind of stuff, and the way they cover me politically I wouldn’t have one of their little screens. I wouldn’t waste my money on it.’

‘And I think bad things will happen for Bloomberg because the quality of their reporting is so bad. I say that with Michael being a friend of mine.’

Trump says the former New York City mayor now has a jealous streak.

‘Now maybe Michael told them to do it,’ Trump said, ending his crescendo on a full stop.

‘Maybe he did, because he always wanted to do what I’m doing.’

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