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TRUMPS ROUGHS UP RUBIO: ‘Zero Credibility,’ ‘Outright Lies’ to Sell Amnesty

Donald Trump isn’t holding back when it comes to Marco Rubio and his illegal immigration stance.

Rubio joined Democrats and liberals—as well as most of the mainstream media—in attacking Trump for calling out international criminals who exploit America’s weak and insecure border to get into the United States illegally.

Sending out a link to a Breitbart California article detailing how one such illegal alien like the criminals Trump called out in his announcement speech allegedly murdered a woman in San Francisco on Wednesday, Trump launched his initial response at Rubio via Twitter: “Our Southern border is unsecure. I am the only one that can fix it, nobody else has the guts to even talk about it.”

“Our Southern border is totally out of control. This is an absolutely disgraceful. situation,”Trump added. “We need border security!”

“Where are the other candidates now that this tragic murder has taken place b/c of our unsafe border,” he added in another tweet. “We need a wall!”

In a fourth tweet, Trump sent a message directly to Rubio: “.@marcorubio what do you say to the family of Kathryn Steinle in CA who was viciously killed b/c we can’t secure our border? Stand up for US.”

In addition, a Trump adviser sent a lengthy statement to Breitbart News on Friday evening signaling that the real estate mogul isn’t backing down.

“Mr. Trump will never apologize for wanting the American people to have a secure border,” the Trump adviser said. “He is the sole candidate who will secure our broken southern border by building a massive wall. The American people deserve a wall to protect their safety, jobs and economy.”

In addition, Trump’s adviser told Breitbart News that his boss can’t wait to expose Rubio’s weakness on immigration:

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) has zero credibility on securing our border. Nothing has been more “divisive” than the outright lies used to try and sell his amnesty for illegal immigrants to the American people. Hard working Americans cannot depend on Senator Rubio to protect their jobs. Senator Rubio’s “Gang of Eight” bill, which was such an epic failure it never even came up for a vote in the House, would have given President Obama the immediate power to grant amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants.

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