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While Democrats are blaming low voting rates on discrimination, it is more likely the result of laziness.

by Kimberly Ross

If you haven’t noticed, an election is coming up. We’re 16+ months away, and the push is on (again) to tackle the perceived reality that is known as voter discrimination. The Left seems to believe low voter participation must mean the existence of rampant voter discrimination. But you can’t force people to vote, or even care about any of the issues facing our country. With a past that included denying women and minorities the right to vote, you’d think that a present devoid of such systemic discrimination would encourage all of us to exercise our right. You’d think that, but you’d be wrong.

Since states’ rights should be protected, and are increasingly attacked, I support the 2013 ruling. Futhermore, since Section 5 of the almost 40 year old bill focused on states (and in some cases justparts of a state) with a “history of discrimination”, I believe a 2013 review of certain components of the bill was in order. The Supreme Court ruled correctly, a phrase which currently feels odd to type out. We have to be honest in saying the atmosphere of 1965 is quite different from the atmosphere of 2015. We should in no way forget our history, but respond to reality as it is now. In 2015, the privilege of casting a vote is not acted upon by a large percentage of registered voters. This is not because of intimidation at the polls. It is due to laziness and/or a distrust of those in Washington, D.C.

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