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WHITE MAN SHOT BY BLACK DUDE: He Had The ‘Wrong Flag’ On His Car…

I wonder how different this would be if a black person got shot for having a black panther flag?

SOUTH BEND — A man who was shot Thursday while driving through a black neighborhood with the Confederate battle flag is not racist, a friend says.

“I’ve never known him to use any racial slurs,” Cally Baker said Saturday. “Unless someone (provoked) him, I can’t imagine him just blurting out the N-word.”

And the flag?

“It is a Confederate flag, I can attest to that,” Baker said. “But it has a military emblem on it … so it was something he was proud of more or less because of the military aspect of it.”

Baker also disputed accounts that the 28-year-old man, who is white and a reported Army veteran and Arkansas native, threatened the shooter and others with a machete.

“He had absolutely no weapon on him but the machete, and it was in the back of the truck, so he had no way to get to it,” she said.

The incident occurred about 6:30 p.m. Thursday in the 1400 Block of Fassnacht Avenue, near City Cemetery on the near west side.

According to witnesses, the man, driving a white SUV with a Confederate battle flag, pulled into J & J convenience store, got into a verbal exchange with a group of black men and started shouting racial slurs. He also displayed a machete, witnesses said.

Read more: South Bend Tribune

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