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WHO KNEW? A Return to New York City Seat Shops and Southern Slavery?

Did you know, deep down inside, most New Yorkers – and specifically those New Yorkers living in the Big Apple itself – want to bring back the days of sweatshops? So do most Chicagoans. Detroiters. And pretty much every large northern urban enclave. That’s right, they want to find any and every immigrant they can, shove them into cold water tenement flats, and work them to death in factories.

Sound ridiculous?

Of course it does. It’s no more ridiculous than the babble emerging in social media that
suggests “most southerns want to return to the days of slavery”. And yes, that is part of an actual comment made on Facebook to an item posted on the San Diego Union Tribune website
recently which discussed the Confederate flag. I grew up in the south. I never met anyone in any southern state I lived in or visited* that expressed a desire for a return to the days of slavery or segregation.

This is how the left operates. They construct the most absurd strawman arguments in order to steer discussion away from real matters of substance. In doing so, we as a nation end up arguing back and forth over topics such as the Confederate flag while ignoring the more
important discussion we ought to be having over whether it’s right to erase the offensive
from our culture.

“Those who don’t know their history are doomed to repeat it”. There was a time when leftists embraced this quote. That was back when leftists weren’t brain-dead, mouth-breathing sycophants. As we embark on a grand erasure of the offensive from our culture, it would be nice if this axiom would re-emerge and enter the discussion. It won’t, of course, because modern day leftists are morons through and through; incapable of such deeper conversations.

So we’ll see the Confederate flag erased as though the Civil War itself never happened as the final approach towards ending slavery. Convenient because it helps further the left’s narrative that America is an inherently racist place full of Hitler wannabes lurking on
every street corner.

We’ll see other things erased from our culture as well. The left’s efforts to wash our history clean and present a strawman variation is well underway.

* The author lived in Tennessee, North Carolina, Florida, Mississippi, and Georgia. He has visited Maryland (it straddles the Mason-Dixon Line and many there consider it a southern state), West Virginia, Virginia, Kentucky, South Carolina, Alabama, Louisiana, and Texas.


Andrew Allen

Andrew Allen (@aandrewallen) grew up in the American southeast and for more than two decades has worked as an information technoloigies professional in various locations around the globe. A former far-left activist, Allen became a conservative in the late 1990s following a lengthy period spent questioning his own worldview. When not working IT-related issues or traveling, Andrew Allen spends his time discovering new ways to bring the pain by exposing the idiocy of liberals and their ideology.

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