WHY WE LIKE TRUMP — Or — Time to Roast Some RINO!

Written by Rob Morse on July 17, 2015

I’ll tell you why voters like Donald Trump. We trust Trump. I said trust; I didn’t say we agree with The Donald. Far from it. But we do trust Trump to keep his word and speak his mind. Simply compare Trump with other candidates in the sweet sixteen Republican race. Other candidates will say what they think the voters want to hear, but these candidates never put their words into practice. Time and again, they “voted for it before they voted against it.” (That is what then- candidate John Kerry said when asked about a 87 billion dollar appropriation for the war in Iraq.)

We are not interested in who Wall Street bankers wants as president. We don’t care who the import/export bank wants in the oval office. Our needs are much simpler.

We want the government to stop killing businesses across the US. We want more jobs and less government. We want fewer laws and more enforcement of the very few laws we really need. In words that even a news anchor can understand, we want our candidate to straighten out the mess in DC.. and leave us the hell alone.

Or else!

What might we mean by “Or else!”

Glad you asked. I’ll explain.

Would President Hillary Clinton be worse for America than President Jeb Bush? Sure she would, but we tried to work with Establishment Republicans before. Look at who that gave us. The Republican Establishment gave us George H Bush, Bob Dole, George W Bush, John McCain and Mitt Romney. The Republican Establishment gave us such sterling characters as Thad Cochran… who might as well be from Chicago.

We’ve had enough of the RINOs. Led by Mister Chinless in the Senate, and Mister Spineless in the House, the Republican Establishment has lied to conservatives for years.

We are told that Republican candidates want smaller government… when the candidate wants our votes. Then Republican legislators vote for larger government. We’re told Republicans will vote our interests… while Republicans confirm anti-rights Democrats like Loretta Lynch who will take away our civil rights. We are told Republicans will finally listen to Main Street and secure our borders. Then Republicans vote for Wall Street and open immigration.

Even a trusting rock-ribbed conservative can notice a pattern here. Republicans lied to us. That is why we like Trump. His message has not been ground up and filtered by media consultants. Unlike Hillary and Jeb, Trump answers a question.

If there is one good thing about the Republican establishment, it is this. Republican hacks taught us to be skeptical. We can now smell a RINO in seconds by looking at their record. We’re not interested in a Clinton or an Obama style candidate… even if they wear an elephant pin on their lapel.

Give us a Reagan… or we’ll let it burn.

There. Is that clear enough for you?

Image: http://www.flickr.com/photos/8488209@N07/2384399751