ANCHORS AWAY! ‘Anchor Baby’ Is a Perfectly Useful Term–and It’s a Problem We Have to Deal With

Written by Noreen O'Brien on August 23, 2015

I was thinking this week I would say a few things about some of the candidates and what’s being said about them and what they’re saying.

Let’s start with Hillary. Lately lots of people have been saying that Hillary will be going off to jail and not the White House. Really? Is anyone anywhere convinced that she will see the inside of a cell? Look back at all of the crimes the Clintons were involved in or hovered just around the edge of and tell me why they haven’t already been locked away. Now I hear she may have MS and won’t finish the election because of stroke concerns. I’m thinking Hillary is running scared and looking for a reason to drop out of the race and also make her followers feel sorry for her. And by the way can anyone tell me what kind of person votes for someone like Hillary?

It’s been rumored that Obama is letting Hill take the fall because his wife may feel like running and we all know Michelle doesn’t share the spotlight. I’d like to see them both run just for the fashion show, Target meets Pantsuits Are Us!

Anchor babies?

Some people are offended by the term. They call the language bombastic.

Illegal women come to this country illegally ready to give birth knowing that having a baby on American soil will guarantee them a place in the foundation of this land, mired in our society with a secure space just for themselves and their families. The very definition of the word anchor.

What should offend these people is that illegals can break the law by coming here and we have to pay for it.

In fact whether or not you understand the 14th amendment the punishment for coming here illegally should be a swift kick in the butt back over the border with or without your anchor. And if being allowed to stay here is the law of the land then the very least should be that none of her immediate or extended family should be allowed to come.

Anchors Away I say!

I’m all for Trump’s idea of deportation but I think we all know deporting, what has been reported as possibly up to 42 million illegals would be nearly impossible. I say we fine anyone who hires an illegal. I’m not talking about a few hundred dollars I’m talking about thousands for small firms or individuals and millions for corporations. And I also believe all money to Mexico should stop until they get their illegals under control, why are we doing all the work? And we’ll use the fine money to send them back, simple!

Since both sides cannot and will not for political reasons be honest about the 14th Amendment and will discuss and pass the buck on immigration forever. I say build that wall Trump talks about. Build it with barbed wire, electric current, machine guns, pit bulls and armed guards who are allowed to shoot.

I’m not sure who saw Trump’s rally and speech last night but I couldn’t agree more, forget the election, throw the bum out and let’s get to work on making America great again, now!!
And last but not least.

I don’t care if people say she won the first debate, Carly Fiorina has lost her mind. To even say that Islam has ever done anything to advance the civilized world is pandering at best.

She’s either so eager to make it to the White House that she hasn’t done her homework, or if elected will be another politically correct, phony baloney, political weakling.

Kissing the backside of the most evil, misogynistic cult and then calling out Trump for sexist remarks he made to Megyn Kelly? Back to the bullpen, Carly. You might be Hillary’s worst nightmare but what else do you have? She may be out of the race soon, then what?

I mean this woman wants greater federal control of education, federal funding of embryonic stem cell research and she supported the Wall St. bailouts and Sonia Sotomayor!

RINOs like Fiorina are a big reason we’re in this mess. She needs Trey Gowdy lessons and to stop criticizing Ted Cruz.

And really last but not least the GOP’s favorite son Jeb Bush. Jeb wasn’t even a serious contender until his mom said it was ok to run. Jeb Bush is the Jeopardy question “What is skittish?” Can you really imagine this milquetoast as president? I mean Trump is already beating him in Florida! He’s under serious consideration by the RINOs in Washington because they think he’ll be easy to control, and well, they’re right!

So right now I’m saying: Go Trump!!


Noreen O'Brien
Noreen O'Brien is a college grad. with a degree in psychology. Noreen worked for years with troubled teens and their families until the revolving door of liberalism made success for these families impossible. She grew up on cape cod Ma., Sweden, France and England and now makes Maine her home.