ANTIOCH ‘SHOOTER’ DEAD: But The Anti-Gun Media Left Out This One Detail…

And yet, the media and our President, will use this incident to blame guns and try to ban them.

Metro police say a 51-year-old male suspect who opened fire in a Antioch theater this afternoon first sprayed three victims with pepper spray, and also injured one of them with a hatchet.

All of the victims were treated at the scene, officials said.

Police spokesman Don Aaron said the two first-responding officers were working a traffic stop nearby when witnesses ran to alert them to the situation inside the theater, Carmike Hickory 8.

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A sergeant outside the theater encountered two women, ages 53 and 17, who had been injured by pepper spray, officials said. A third victim, a 58-year-old man, was also sprayed with pepper spray and suffered a superficial injury to his shoulder from the hatchet, officials said.

After the incident, police discovered two suspicious backpacks: One on the suspect and one left in the theater. By 4 p.m., they had detonated one of the bags. Police determined the bag strapped to the suspect’s chest contained a hoax device.

A second bag, found inside the theater, had yet to be detonated. A bomb squad is on the scene.

Aaron said the shooting occurred in a theater showing “Mad Max.”

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