ANTIOCH ‘SHOOTER’ DEAD: But The Anti-Gun Media Left Out This One Detail…

Published on August 5, 2015

And yet, the media and our President, will use this incident to blame guns and try to ban them.

Metro police say a 51-year-old male suspect who opened fire in a Antioch theater this afternoon first sprayed three victims with pepper spray, and also injured one of them with a hatchet.

All of the victims were treated at the scene, officials said.

Police spokesman Don Aaron said the two first-responding officers were working a traffic stop nearby when witnesses ran to alert them to the situation inside the theater, Carmike Hickory 8.

A sergeant outside the theater encountered two women, ages 53 and 17, who had been injured by pepper spray, officials said. A third victim, a 58-year-old man, was also sprayed with pepper spray and suffered a superficial injury to his shoulder from the hatchet, officials said.

After the incident, police discovered two suspicious backpacks: One on the suspect and one left in the theater. By 4 p.m., they had detonated one of the bags. Police determined the bag strapped to the suspect’s chest contained a hoax device.

A second bag, found inside the theater, had yet to be detonated. A bomb squad is on the scene.

Aaron said the shooting occurred in a theater showing “Mad Max.”

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