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BLACK ON WHITE MURDERS: Shows Us How Racist The Media Really Is

In the past week the country has been mortified by two horrifically public events. The first is the slaying of two news reporters while they were on live television. This killer in this case even filmed the deed from his own vantage point and uploaded it to social media. The second was the killing of a Harris County Sheriff’s Deputy while he was getting gas. The criminal here stalked the deputy then shot him in the back of the head and then several more times after he fell to the ground.

These crimes have a couple of things in common. The first is that both crimes are black on white violence, second the media and the president have refused to make mention of this, and finally it exposes a huge double standard in our society. This violence on police officers and Caucasians is targeted and is being caused by dangerous rhetoric, some of it coming from the very seat of power in the United States.

The president himself has talked about the Charleston Church shooting being a symbol of the existence of racism in the south. However, he blames mental illness and gun laws for the death of two white reporters at the hands of their black homosexual ex-coworker.

The media in both of these stories did all they could to delay the announcement of the race of the suspects. Why is this? After the church shooting we knew immediately that the shooter in this case was white and before anyone talked to the suspect we knew it was racial. How did we know this? Because the media wanted us to know this.

It moves us in a direction. Unfortunately this direction leads to a society with no rule of law and where minorities are allowed to kill others because the feel slighted. In the shooting of the deputy over the weekend the media refused to call the suspect a black male even though they had surveillance photos of him and it was undeniable.

The seeds of a culture war are being sown in this country right now as I write this. People are being told how they are racists and oppressing a group of people who have now been free for more than two hundred years. Caucasians are being told that they must swallow the vile offerings of Black Lives Matter and other equally repugnant groups. Why? Because we owe them that. We should allow them to burn down cities and shoot police officers because it is part of their culture and this is how they show frustration.

According to the Officer Down Memorial Page, eighty-two police officers have been killed this year. When is enough going to be enough? How long will we live in terror and at the whim of madmen like Black Lives Matter? It needs to stop now. Government officials must be held accountable for pouring gas on this fire with more rhetoric and those committing the violence and public disobedience should be dealt with swiftly and harshly. My heart grieves for the lives of these officers taken for no reason at all. But even more it grieves for the ones they leave behind who are forced to see the very government they died protecting turn their back on them in the name of race baiting and “fundamental transformation.”

Doc Out!


Doc Holiday

"Doc Holiday" is a graduate of a major Jesuit University where he studied Criminology. Doc is beginning a career in law enforcement and is slated to begin his law enforcement position shortly. Doc has a passion for writing, truth telling, conservatism, guns, hunting, outdoor survival and fishing. He was raised deeply conservative in the rural country of the Southeastern United States. To all those whom seek to challenge my wisdom, “I’m your Huckleberry.” (Image: