BOWING TO ISLAM: British Man Arrested After Threatening to Do This To ISIS Flag

Published on August 16, 2015

This man is facing seven years in prison for only a threat.

A British man is facing seven years in prison for threatening to stand outside a mosque in Scotland and burn an Islamic State battle flag, in a Facebook post that was reported to police.

Kenneth Meek, 54, of Livingston, West Lothian in Scotland has been charged with one count of using threatening language and two counts of inciting racial hatred after he made a Facebook post last September. It is alleged, reports the Scotsman, that Meek posted on Facebook about his intention to go to a mosque in his home-town during Friday prayers and burn the black battle-flag of the Islamic State outside in a protest against Islamic Extremism.

Police Scotland told Breitbart London that Meek was arrested on September 15th, which suggests his own social media post was related to the ‘Burn the ISIS Flag Challenge’ which was gaining traction at the time. An article published in the Daily Mail only a week before Meek’s arrest publicised the challenge, with pictures of people from around Britain and the world gathering to burn the ISIS flag.

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