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BULLET PROOF HILLARY: Guess Who Just Funneled MegaMoney To Xtreme Left Blogs For Hillary

What do you do when your presidential candidate of choice is gasping for air?

Life hasn’t been easy for poor Hillary Clinton lately. From having her emails probed to losing popularity points to Bernie Sanders, the chocolate supply in Hillary’s house is probably running pretty low.

The fact that it’s not even 2016 and Hillary already needs a lifeline has sent her liberal backers into a panic. The writing’s on the wall, and they’re acting fast to save her sinking ship. So what do liberals do when they have a problem? They throw money at it, of course!

This week, one such backer made a deal valued at $400 million dollars. Ready to hear who the nine-figure money mover is?


The unabashedly liberal mass media strikes again. Is anyone surprised?

Recently, NBC pledged that its cable news network, MSNBC, would soon become a straight, unbiased news source. Right, and my cocker spaniel can sing God Bless America through his nose. If you recall, MSNBC was rated the most biased news source on television by Pew in 2013.

Whether or not NBC actually intends to tighten the straps on MSNBC’s muzzle, only time will tell. In any case, NBC is making damn sure it has plenty of outlets still available to spew leftist propaganda and add fuel to Hillary’s campaign engines.

Expected since last week and finally announced yesterday, BuzzFeed and Vox are the two lucky winners of the $400 million windfall. NBC’s “investment” in these two online news sources (read: left-obsessed online drivel generators) will give NBC two more mechanisms for shoving pro-Hillary propaganda down voters’ throats.

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