CARLY SLAMS FEMINISTS: Fiorina Drops Truth Bomb On The Left’s Ladies And They Don’t Like It

Published on August 14, 2015

Carly Fiorina stands up against the feminist delusion and calls them out on the Huffington Post – you’re going to love this. When she was asked about mandatory paid maternity leave, the left didn’t like her answer. Here’s how she responded…

Liberal policies maintain the status quo, which means, for example, that they are against over-the-counter birth control. (By the way, when Claritin moved over the counter, the price was cut in half in less than a year. Now, a month’s supply cost $3.)

Most recently, the Left wants the government to mandate compensation and leave policies. Last week, Netflix announced that they would offer unlimited paid leave for a year to new parents. When I was at Hewlett Packard from 1999 to 2005, we also offered paid maternity and paternity leave because we wanted to compete for the best workers.

When I was asked about their policy this week, the Left was instantly outraged that I didn’t believe the federal government should require all companies to pay for leave.

In other countries, these mandates have discouraged employers from hiring and promoting women. After such mandates were in place in Spain, companies were 6 percent less likely to hire women, 37 percent less likely to promote them, and 45 percent more likely to fire them. Even the liberal Center for American Progress has said that, with these policies, “it becomes much easier to justify discrimination.” (Huffington Post)

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