CRAZY NAKED DUDE: Police Are Blaming This Drug – And There’s No Way to Stop It

Published on August 6, 2015

Show this to your kids when they ask you about drugs.

Police in New York City are becoming increasingly alarmed at the side effects of “synthetic marijuana” seen in its users.

Overdoses of the drug often turns users violent, insensible, and dangerous. On Tuesday the department released several videos to show how psychotic users can get on the drug.

One of the videos shows a naked man crouching in the middle of a street, screaming, and slamming his arms onto the concrete.

“This is the middle of the day,” Chief of Patrol Carlos Gomez said during the department’s press conference. “Irrational behavior, the person is naked.”

One of the major problems that police have in heading off this drug, which really isn’t marijuana at all, is that it isn’t just “a” drug. It is a substance made from an ever-changing list of ingredients, most of which are seriously dangerous and toxic.

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