‘DEAR WHITE AMERICA’: Racist ‘White Toxic Masculinity’ Screed Is Best ‘Unintentional Satire Online’

Published on August 3, 2015

Leave it to the liberal website, Salon, to publish a piece that is so ridiculous you must assume it’s satire – but the sad reality is that it isn’t. According to Chauncey DeVega, white men are toxic to our society – unless of course they stop watching Fox News and voting Republican. Then they might be accepted, but will still possess white privilege, of course. Read part of it for yourself, it’s followed by some of the best reactions on Twitter:

Toxic white masculinity defaults to violence as a means of maintaining social and political control. It clings to guns as a symbol of “real” male identity. It fears women as equals; it lashes out at non-whites who are somehow “stealing” white men’s jobs and power. Toxic white masculinity sees “liberals,” “progressives,” “social justice,” and “feminism” as enemies — out of a fear that “white masculinity” will somehow be made obsolete or extinct. The dream worlds and paranoid fantasies of angry white men are distractions that look to some type of Other as the preeminent threat to America’s safety and security. The reality is of course, very different.

The white identity politics, grievance mongering, conspiracies, paranoid thinking, eliminationist rhetoric about liberals and progressives, hostility to women, rage against immigrants, anxiety about those who are not “Christian”, and mainstreaming of white supremacy and white racial resentment, are the fuel for toxic white masculinity. The right-wing media gins up and encourages such sentiments because it is dependent on them for viewers and ad revenue. (Salon)