ECO-TERRORISTS: Post Gruesome Pic Of Scott Walker Beheaded (PHOTO)

Written by Rad Magnum on August 17, 2015

Remember that time Arizona Representative Gabrielle Giffords was shot at a constituent gathering and the lefties were up in arms about how we’ve allowed violence to permeate political culture?

Well, a certain group of liberal leftivists has conveniently forgotten.

We have well over a year until the next presidential election but you’d never know it with the mudslinging that is dominating campaign coverage. Of course, fire-breathing lefties are also out in full force to offer their so-important political commentary.

When you see the picture a group of environmentalists posted in response to Scott Walker’s campaign, you’ll flip.

The image, painted by Jodi Webster, clearly depicts a girl gruesomely toting around Scott Walker’s severed head.


Citizens for Preserving the Penokee Hills Heritage Park is a Facebook group dedicated to the “distribution of research, education, and information” about preserving the Penokee Hills. Tell me, where exactly does this image fit in that description?

Further, the group’s 2015 description statement openly states, “this is not a forum for angry, violent, or confrontational acts against people or property.” Clearly that is not an enforced policy, and as President Obama knows, if you don’t enforce a policy, it might as well not exist.

To date, this image has 164 likes. Some of the earliest commenters, to their credit, are not happy about the image: “Political violence is beneath us,” said one, and “I can’t stand Walker, but this is not right,” said another.

Yet plenty are in full support. “Reality is disturbing. This governor, his agenda is more disturbing than this picture,” spouted one woman. Another man rebuked the commenters who opposed the image: “This is art of our time, be silent about your fearful heart, as we are warriors and this is amazing.”

Now here’s the real question: Where else in the world do we see small children training to slaughter Americans? When imagery more typical of ISIS enters political debate, it’s time to draw a line, and this group has gone far past it.

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